Our Mission

To help everyone feel great, inside and out, one patient at a time, with a mixture of medicine, education, compassion, and love.

Mission Statement

We are a team of compassionate healers who are focused and positive. We keep updated on the newest medicines, techniques and technologies and how we can help and educate patients. We are committed to each patient to make sure they get the best treatments. Our patients will be heard and understand how important they, and their healing is to us. We will be a part of their journey to health, healing and improvement in mind, body and spirit. We are result oriented with patient care. We do this in our unique healing center.

Points of Culture

1. Commitment
We are committed to all colleagues, patients, ourselves, the vision, mission, culture, and success of Roxy Barber Acupuncture & Aesthetics, Inc. We will always recommend products and services from our practice prior to going outside of the company because we believe we carry only the best for our patients. We are committed to focusing on solutions and moving forward.

2. Ownership
We are responsible for our actions and outcomes for all things in our lives. We admit when we are wrong and learn from it. We stay aware of the law of attraction; that which is like, unto itself is drawn.

3. Responsibility
We are aware of and take care of our responsibilities.

4. Integrity
We always speak the truth. We only recommend products and services we are knowledgeable about to our patients. If we do not know the information or the answers, we are honest and will find them out promptly. We know when we speak and act positively, those around us feel it and benefit from it. Patients will sense it when they arrive and leave.

5. Excellence
We always go above and beyond everyone’s expectations. We commit to treating each patient to the best of our abilities. We offer a helping hand when we see help is needed, are grateful when it's given.

6. Balance
We will enjoy our lives. We will give time for education, improvement, play, and love. We grow spiritually, mentally and physically. We take time for ourselves and take advantage of receiving healing treatments as often as possible.

7. Communication
We communicate positively with all. We make others lives easier by being aware and helping. We always look for solutions.

8. Education
We are committed to always continuing our education and sharing with others. We read, look, listen and attend educational events as often as possible. We continually observe and learn from life’s lessons.

9. Positivity
We are always positive. Positivity will flow in everything we do.

10. Systems
We always look to the system for the solution. We have systems so our wellness center flows in all aspects for patients and colleagues.

11. Teamwork
We always work as a team. We are committed to helping others grow as it will also help our personal growth. We support colleagues and patients.

12. Consistency
We always have consistency because that will help our growth personally and professionally. We are disciplined in our work so our results, growth and success are consistent and our patients and our colleagues will always know exactly what to expect.

13. Fun
Life is a journey and we will have fun on it. As we are having fun, it will spread happiness and laughter. Laughing is a high vibration that is contagious and healing.

14. Gratitude
We are on the lookout everywhere in life to show gratitude. We are aware that a simple thank-you, for the smallest of things, can give someone a tremendous amount of fulfillment. It can change their day and even possibly their lives. We can celebrate our wins humbly with those around us. We let those in our lives know that we are appreciative.

15. Abundance
We are abundant people. We are aware that there is always an abundance around us. We deserve it and will be a part of it for others. By honoring our own self-worth, abundance will flow. We are rewarded to the level that we create abundance. We accept that abundance only shows up our lives to the level at which we show up for it.